Wanna Find Love on a Reality TV Show?

It’s a new season for Love During Lockup, April 19, 9/8c, and California prisoner C-Note is looking for a Boo thang to be featured on future episodes.

It’s the hottest thing on reality TV, for women 25-54, Love During Lockup is the spinoff to the wildly popular Love After Lockup. This season, the show will follow six new couples, but what about next season? California prison artist C-Note, the world’s most prolific prison artist, has your back. C-Note is looking for that One, to be featured together on future episodes of Love During Lockup, or Love After Lockup, when he is expected to be paroled in 2026.

A Love Story Awaits

Love During Lockup is not just a show; it’s a journey into the depths of what it means to love, to wait, and to support. This is your chance to be part of something bigger than yourself—a love story that will capture the hearts of millions. 

Meet C-Note: The Heart Behind the Bars

Donald “C-Note” Hooker is a poet, playwright, performing artist, award winning visual artist, and is known as the King of Prison Hip Hop. His works have either been exhibited, performed, recited, or sold, from Alcatraz to Berlin. In 2017, Google Search listed him in their search results, as both America’s, and the world’s most prolific prisoner-artist.

Incarcerated for over 25 years, but beginning in 2016, C-Note has helped raise millions in rehabilitative services, including $7.5M in 2021, in reparations for California women prisoners who were forcibly sterilized. His works have been used to encourage the evacuation of prisons in the paths of Hurricanes, have been featured in two billboard art exhibitions in Silicon Valley, a mural in the Denver art district, the fashion line Mercy, and in numerous books, including the cover of Art for Redemption’s coffee table book.

Why Write to C-Note?

Connect on a Deep Level: Go beyond the surface. Share your dreams, your fears, and your passions. Find companionship in the most heartfelt letters.

Inspire and Be Inspired: C-Note isn’t just looking for a partner. He’s seeking inspiration, a muse, someone who can see the world through his art.

Be Part of a Phenomenon: Your story has the potential to be featured in future episodes of Love During Lockup or Love After Lockup sharing your journey with an audience that celebrates love in all its forms.

Ready to Write Your Own Love Story?

We’re searching for strong, independent women who aren’t afraid to explore a unique connection. If you’re drawn to the idea of building a relationship with C-Note, if you’re ready to share your story with the world, your moment is now.

Take the First Step

Interested in being C-Note’s leading lady? Eager to explore where this path may lead you—perhaps even to future episodes of Love During Lockup or Love After Lockup? Here’s how:

1. Reach Out to C-Note: Grab your pen and pour your heart out. Tell him your story, your dreams, and what draws you to him. This isn’t just about finding love; it’s about finding a soulmate in the most unexpected of places.

2. Leave Your Email: Use the contact form below to leave your email. Stay updated with exclusive content, behind-the-scenes looks, and the chance to become a part of this incredible journey.

Donald “C-Note” Hooker

CDCR# K94063 (A2-150)

P.O. Box 4430

Lancaster, CA 93539

**[Email Contact Form Here]**

Embrace the Journey

This is more than a call to action. It’s a call to open your heart, to challenge the norms, and to find beauty in the places most overlook. Are you ready to embark on this journey?

Start writing your letter to C-Note. Let’s make history together.

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